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Take Action Now In 2011!!!


BU has applied for a waiver to open the BU Bio-Terror Lab by bypassing State and Federal risk assessment regulations (MEPA & NEPA) that protects us from risks associated with BU’s proposed Bio containment research!!

Contact  Governor  Patrick and Secretary Sullivan who both have the POWER to either grant or deny BU’s waiver request by September 21st.

Below is a sample letter that you could use, but please make it personal by introducing yourself and state what organization you represent or are connected with, if any.

To:          Secretary Richard Sullivan

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs


cc:           Governor Patrick

Dear Secretary Sullivan

I’m in opposition to BU’s Phase l Waiver request to open the BSL1 and 2 labs immediately and to open the BSL3 without a MEPA review of the completed Supplemental Environmental Impact Report.

Your approval of BU’s waiver request would create dangerous precedent for developers to bypass the MEPA risk assessment process.

I would also like to request that your office hold a public hearing on the Phase l Waiver request before you issue your draft decision at a location and time of the day that is convenient and accessible for the public, particularly the affected South End andRoxbury communities.


More Information on Richard Sullivan;

Read Richard Sullivan’s background.



Want to get involved in the campaign to stop BU’s Bio-terror lab? There are lots of ways to be involved at all levels! From joining our campaign list serve to attending meetings, events and rallies, to calling your elected officials there are lots of ways to get involved!

1. Join the Stop the Bio-terror Lab City Wide list serve for our e-newsletters and event announcements! Email to be added.

2. Contact someone in your Boston City Council District. If you live in one of Boston’s surrounding communities, contact the Greater Boston Coalition!

  • DISTRICT 3 – District Captain: Mike Cote (617) 612-2012,
    City Councilor: Maureen Feeney; Area: Dorchester
  • DISTRICT 4 – District Captain: Mike Cote, (617) 612-2012,
    City Councilor: Charles Yancey; Area: Dorchester
  • DISTRICT 5 – District Captain: MaryLee, & Molly (617) 361-7697,
    City Councilor: Rob Consalvo; Area: Hyde Park, Roslyn, W. Roxbury, Mattapan/N. Dorchester
  • DISTRICT 6 – District Captain: Sarah Driscol, & Kaitlin (617) 921-3659
    City Councilor: John Tobin; Area: JP, W. Roxbury
  • DISTRICT 7 – District Captain: Klare (617) 282-2878, & Alma (617) 427-7391,
    City Councilor: Chuck Turner; Area: S. End/Roxbury
  • DISTRICT 8 – District Captain: Cornelia (617) 262-9461, & Phoebe.
    City Councilor: Michael Ross; Area: Back Bay/Beacon Hill, Fenway/Kenmore, and Mission Hill

Live in one of the cities and towns surrounding Boston?
Contact Vicky Steinitz: or

Live in Brookline? Contact Sue Gracey:

3. Write letters to your elected officials! Click to download a sample letter.


2011 is an exciting year for the Safety Net and the STOP the Bio-Terror Lab Coalition.

Keep in touch and get involved. Your participation strengthens our grassroots efforts!


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