Successes Of 2007, 2008, And 2009 Community Opposition Has Delayed The Opening Of The BU Bio-Terror Lab Until 2010 – 2011!

Watch the video on New England Cable News.
Read the Boston Globe article.
Read the Boston University’s Daily Free Press article.
Read the Boston Herald article.
Read the Phoenix article.

After 6 Years, Former President Of City Council Supports Risk Moratorium For The City!

Read the article in Boston Magazine

Media Coverage

STOP! the BU Bioterror Lab marched on the Boston University Campus
Boston Indymedia — October 30 2009

Army: 3 vials of virus samples missing from Maryland facility
CNN — April 22 2009

Biolab Questions Meet Clarity of Gray Areas
Civic Boston — April 22 2009

NIH Needs Another Year for Boston Biolab Safety Review
Global Security Newswire — April 16 2009

Biolab continues to face setbacks
Daily Free Press — April 16 2009

Boston Biolab Review To Take Another Year
WCVB Boston — April 16 2009

Legacy vs Legacy: Tom Menino vs Elma Lewis
The Third Decade — April 16 2009

Planned biolab delays opening again
Fenway News — April 16 2009

Inside the BioLab
South End News — December 17 2008

Out of line
Boston Globe — November 16 2008

McCain or Obama win? Level 4 Bio-Defense Lab will remain a controversial Boston issue
Open Media Boston — November 4 2008

At biolab forum, divides remain deep
Boston Globe — October 19 2008

Some call for a timeout as US releases biolab security report
Boston Globe — October 17 2008

Pol won’t support BU biolab
Boston Herald — October 16 2008

High-security research labs not so high security
Associated Press — October 16 2008

Mike Flaherty Unloads on BU Biolab
Boston Magazine — October 15 2008

BU’s Bio-Weapons Lab
MSM Lie Monitor — October 15 2008

Neighbors rail against BU biolab
The Daily Free Press — October 15 2008

BU outlines biolab safety steps
Boston Globe — October 14 2008

Residents voice biolab concerns
The Daily Free Press — October 14 2008

Texas offering $100 million in incentives to gain bio-agro defense facility
San Antonio Business Journal — October 9 2008

Public Meeting: Activists and Academics Renew Call for Moratorium on Level 4 “Bio-Lab” Research
Open Media Boston — October 8 2008

Labs That Perform Bioterrorism Research Proliferating
Hartford Courant — August 16 2008

Energy and Commerce Committee to Expand Investigation of Biosafety Labs to Include Fort Detrick
August 8 2008

Anthrax Case Renews Questions on Bioterror
New York Times — August 3 2008

Scientists call for review of germs at BU laboratory
Boston Globe — June 7 2008

Boston University Angers Neighbors With Ebola, SARS Germ Lab
Bloomberg — June 5 2008

Biolab Follies
The Phoenix — April 2 2008

High-Stakes Science
Newsweek — December 6 2007

Scientific panel blasts NIH review of biolab
Boston Globe — November 29 2007

BU officials discuss shipment protocol to BioLab
South End News — November 8 2007

Fellow’s focus is foggy, froggy forest: Sri Lanka frog radiation provides food for thought
Harvard University Gazette — November 8 2007

BU biolab rapped on job site diversity
Boston Globe — October 18 2007

Guest opinion (about NIH and BUMC risk assessment studies)
South End News — October 18 2007

Biolab faces new scrutiny from state
Boston Globe — October 14 2007

Aging science labs are targeted
Boston Globe — October 14 2007

Linehan settling into office
South End News — October 11 2007

CDC to Review Inspections Rules for Labs
Washington Post — October 4 2007

Accidents on rise as more US labs handle lethal germs
Boston Globe — October 3 2007

Study of bioterror agents adds to risk
Los Angeles Times — October 3 2007

Mishandling of Germs on Rise at US Labs
Huffington Post — October 2 2007


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